cheap insuranceCheap Insurance does not mean poor insurance and by getting Insurance Quotes you will Save.

Every Insurance company in South Africa is out there competing furiously for your business. You have seen the Television adverts, the radio commercials and the billboards from Insurance companies almost begging you to give them the chance to show you how well priced their insurance offerings are, offering all kinds of incentives like “if we cant beat your current poremium we will give you cash” or “if you don’t claim for 3 years you will get 10% back”

The Advertising industry is scrambling to come up with ways to entice you but the simple truth of the matter is, unless you get Insurance Quotes from all of these companies, you will never know what the cheapest Insurance Quote was.

We offer a no obligation, completely free Insurance Quote service that will get you cheap Insurance for your Car, home or business in a matter of minutes from South Africa’s top Insurance companies. All it takes is for you to request Insurance Quotes by completing the form and we will get to work.

Cheap Insurance is a matter of calculating the differences that each of the various factors that are included in your Insurance to compile an Insurance policy that is exactly what you need, leaving out the parts that you either don’t need or are prepared to take the risk on. For example, if your music system is factory fitted, the chances of it being stolen are very slim and you may decide to leave it off the premium to reduce the cost. If you are a very careful driver that has not been involved in an accident, you may choose to elect a higher excess. If your car is parked in a secure garage at night behind locked gates, this will reduce the risk of it being stolen and effect the premium.

Using these tools we get cheap insurance quotes for your car, home or business that could save you as much as 32% on your Insurance costs. Give us the chance to prove to you that we can save you money on your insurance by request cheap insurance quotes, you will not be sorry!