negotiate cheaper car insuranceThis is a question we often get asked when people are considering car insurance, be it for a new car or that they are not happy with the premiums that they are paying on their car Insurance.

Most people who are good drivers and seldom need to claim should be paying far less on their car insurance than they currently are paying due mainly to the fact that they seldom or never need to claim. Certain companies offer you a cash back reward in the event of you not claiming on your car insurance for a stipulated period which usually amounts to 10% of the premiums you are paying.

Now this may sound like a good deal at first glance but when you consider that your premiums are escalating every year and the opportunity is available to save as much as 32% on your car insurance premiums, this is simply clever marketing.

What we all really want is cheaper car insurance from South Africa’s Insurance companies that offers us the same if not better cover than we currently have because we are not as high a risk as those people that are often involved in accidents or claims of another sort. Why on earth should we be funding the poor drivers? The banks offer personalized interest rates to their customers and so the Insurance companies should be offering us personalized Insurance premiums based on our past claims history instead of using the old fashioned, “the premiums of the many cover the claims of the few”.

Thankfully in recent years, the insurance companies have been going hell for leather trying to increase their market share and are very negotiable. The deciding factor will be your risk profile, so if you have a number of years that are claim free, have not received to many speeding violations and are over 25 years old, you have every chance of being able to secure a better Car Insurance premium.

Get started, it only takes a few minutes to chat to one of our consultants and if you like the price offered, you can be covered by the time you put down the phone.