As a single Mum you have so many things to worry about and the things we worry about most are our children’s health, their education and what type of future they will have.

Life Insurance is an essential part of any single mothers financial planning and the one sure way to cater for our children’s future that we have complete control over. Men in our lives are not a constant, fathers are prone to disappoint in so many ways and the only sure thing in their lives is the Love of their Mum. Too many women compromise in the face of financial stress and all too often the men are aware that you need them financially.

Take control of your financial future, place yourself in a position where no matter what happens to your children’s father or the men in your life, your children’s future is secure in the event that they lose you to disease, accident or any other unfortunate way. Life Insurance for single mothers does not cost a fortune, and even if you have been tested HIV positive, a life insurance policy is not prohibitively expensive.

We all want our children to grow up confident, independent, well educated and able to lead the lives that they dream of, make it possible by taking out a Life Insurance policy designed with single mothers in mind.

We will get you free Life Insurance quotes to compare and if you like what the Insurance companies are offering, you could have your life insurance in place before you hang up the phone.