cheapest insurance for womenThere are so many conflicting adverts out there that claim to offer Insurance for women that is the cheapest, but which Insurance Company really offers the cheapest Insurance for women?

Car Insurance for women
We know that women that women drivers on the average are more careful than men and this resulted in some really funny advertising campaigns from First for Women Insurance that I am sure you remember well. There was the one where a group of guys drive in reverse to Cape Town for a bet or the top gun ad. Men are involved in more accidents, this goes without saying but does that mean that that a company specialising in car insurance for women will be cheaper? Not necessarily, lets assume an insurance company wants to lower the average risk profile of their car insurance customers, they need lower risk customers to do so and the only way to get them is to offer them cheaper premiums. Insurance runs on a principle “the premiums of the many cover the losses of the few”

In order to get the cheapest car Insurance for women give us the opportunity of getting you Insurance quotes from all of the Car Insurance Companies including first for women for you to compare, it would be silly not to, don’t you thinks? Complete the form and one of our experienced agents will get to work on your quotes for car insurance from all of the Insurance companies for you to compare.

Life Insurance for women
Life Insurance for women has been a largely neglected market in South Africa with many women putting the financial future of the family firmly in the hands of the men for many years. As a responsible women in South Africa, a bread winner and home maker, the responsibility to cater for your family in the event of your death or disability has never been more important.

Get Life Insurance for women that is designed specifically for women by requesting quotes to compare.

To sum up, Women are desirable car insurance customers that enables an Insurance company to lower their average risk profile and the Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to have you as a customer and the best way to get the cheapest car insurance for women is to compare quotes from all of the Insurance companies by giving us the opportunity to work our magic for you.