Clientele Clientele Life Insurance offer a no medical examination required Life Insurance Plan that, for as little as R100/month guarantees a payout of R200 000.

People living with HIV are also eligible to receive cheap life insurance through the Clientele Lasting Dignity Life Insurance Plan. As society begins to deal with the fact that contracting HIV does not mean a death sentence, Life Insurance products are becoming available at better rates than ever before with Clientele Life leading the way in Life Insurance product offerings to those living with HIV.

This is not to say that the Lasting Dignity Plan is only for HIV positive people, the plan is available to anyone who wishes to take out life insurance. The mere fact that Clientele have a product which caters for HIV positive people that is offered to anyone is a significant step forward for the Life Insurance Industry when evaluating risk on all people, irrespective of their HIV status.

The policy does not require you to have a medical and relies on your honesty to declare your status. This is a very important aspect of the Clientele way of doing business where client honesty is front and center. Essentially, it is not in your or your family’s best interest for you to make a false disclosure about your HIV status, the implications of false disclosure are that the policy will not pay out on your death. Being HIV positive does not have the stigma attched to it that it used to have and it is a reality in every country in the world.

Not long ago the stigma attached to being HIV positive was more dangerous than the disease itself with people not disclosing their HIV status and a potentially factor to society in general.

Clientele Take the next step and request a life insurance quote from Clientele Lifes Lasting Dignity consultants, whether you are HIV positive or not and ensure that you and your family are well catered for and get a Life Insurance quote here