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    Health insurance and medical Aid quotes

    Medical Aids and medical health insurance plans are essential insurance products when we consider the cost of good medical care in South Africa. You are probably already on a medical aid with the company that you work for, but what are the hospital benefits covered under the medical Aid scheme? It is very likely that hospitalisation is covered at the minimum level, leaving the possibility of extremely high uncovered hospital costs which you will need to pay for. By taking out an affordable hospital cash back plan, you are guaranteed an additional amount of between R3 000 and R5 000 per day that you are in hospital. Hospital plans ensure that you and your family are well taken care of when you need it most.

    Momentum Health Medical Aid is a comprehensive medical scheme, which covers all your healthcare needs. Momentum Health is a proactive Health insurer which offers illness prevention advice and incentives to stay healthy which in turn result in fewer claims on the health insurer and lower premiums. Is your Medical Aid giving you the type of medical cover you require?

    Momentum Health strives to offer its members good value for money by combining flexibility with comprehensive cover

    Clientelle Life. For as little as R100 per month the affordable Hospital plan from Clientelle life puts money in your pocket while you are most in need of it. Don’t be left with huge medical bills, get a hospital plan from Clientelle Life. Never again worry about mounting medical costs by being sure you have a daily cash amount to cover hospital stays.

    The Hospital Cash Back Plan The Hospital Cash Back Plan will help take care of your family, should your life be disrupted by hospitalisation.

    Buying health insurance is not as straight forward as getting a medical aid any longer and offers consumers a far greater choice of products to suit any lifestyle or station in life. You have the choice of taking out a comprehensive medical aid with a savings account for every day medical expenses and usually includes hospital cover.


    The other options include hospital plans only or severe illness cover and offered by life insurance companies that pay out in the event of heart attacks, HIV diagnosis and other serious illnesses.

    Lazaron offers a unique service to South African parents to store their babies’ very valuable cord blood stem cells. The importance of storing umbilical cord blood stem cells has gained worldwide recognition since the first patient was treated in 1989 for Fanconi anaemia.


    This patient was still alive and well in October 2005 as reported at the latest AABB conference. Lazaron, as a South African company, offers the most cost-effective family cord blood storage service in Southern Africa.