Clientele A good hospital plan that pays you for the days you spend in hospital is a vital part of your health insurance which is designed not only to cover the costs of hospitalization and does not vary according to the amount charged by the hospital.

The hospital plan from Clientelle life pays out a pre determined amount between R3000 and R5000 per day that you spend in hospital. You are not bound to pay this money over to the hospital and Clientelle Life does not pay the hospital directly. The money from the hospital plan cover is paid directly to you and you are free to do with it as you wish.

Your hospital plan payment could be used by your family while you are in hospital to deal with every day expenses or to cover any shortfalls between what your medical aid pays and the the hospital or doctors charges.

Hospital plans are not medical aids and do not specifically cover any particular hospital expenses. The hospital plan from Clientelle life is to give you peace of mind that you are receiving cash on a daily basis while you are in hospital and that your family and daily expenses are taken care of.

If you are a self employed person or in sales, a hospital plan is a must have form of medical cover. Can you imagine being hospitalized for weeks on end without any income? Don’t let this happen to you or your family, select the hospital plan that best suits your needs and pays out from R3000 per day, with a monthly cost of only R100 per month.

Get a Free quote for a hospital plan right now and evaluate for yourself what the benefit of securing cash should you be hospitalized for any length of time. A hospital plan costs very little when you consider the ramifications of not having income while you are in hospital.