third party, fire and theft insuranceThe minimum amount of cover you should have on your car is Third Party, Fire and theft Insurance which covers you to a certain extent against damage to the other persons vehicle in the event of an accident as well as cover to your own vehicle as a result of fire or theft.

In every type of insurance, including third party, fire and theft insurance, there is an excess payable which is usually calculated as a minimum Rand amount or a % of the claim whichever is the greater amount and will commonly be R1000 or 5% of the claaimed amount.

For many people who do not drive much or are very careful drivers that have not been involved in an accident, taking out third party, fire and theft only is a risk they are prepared to take due to their belief in their driving abilities and the associated risk of not being on the road very much.

Comprehensive car insurance on the other hand includes all of the elements of third party, fire and theft insurance with the many additional benefits relating to damage of both vehicles, theft, hijacking, windscreen replacement, car hire in the event of loss or damage and other elements that cover you for all eventualities and types of damage.

It is a good idea to ask for a third party fire and theft quote as a matter of course when getting insurance quotes so that you can ascertain how much extra the bells and whistles of a comprehensive car insurance policy will be.

If your car is going to stand idle for a few months while you are away or on business, it is a very good idea to approach your insurer, tell them the situation and detail where the car will be kept during this period. Your policy can be altered and a lower rate charged during this time. Of course you always want to make sure that you are getting the very best deal at the same time, so request quotes for Third party, Fire and theft cover and don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes.

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