There is no disputing that women are more careful drivers than men which is why motor insurance for women is cheaper, simple as that or is it?

Certainly being a woman gives you a foot up when searching for the cheapest insurance but the process does not end there. You also need to get a number of different quotes from the different insurance companies, all of whom offer motor insurance for women and all of whom would dearly love to have you as a customer.

The basics of all insurance is that “the premiums of the many cover the losses of the few” so what would you do if you were an insurance company? Find as many low risk customers as possible, offer them an incentive to to insure their motor vehicle with you and be thankful that you have another low risk customer that will help you cover the claims of those unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or suffer a loss.

There are a few ways that the insurance companies will entice you to join them and that would be firstly in the form of cheaper premiums, secondly by offering to give you an amount of your premiums back if you do not claim and thirdly with all sorts of gimmicks like calling you every hour or so while you are driving a long distance.

These are great additions to a motor insurance policy and as a woman you deserve every last one of them without it costing you any extra.

In order for us to get you motor insurance quotes for you to compare, please complete the form and we will call you back right away. We will collect some information from you and then set to work getting you the best motor insurance for women to consider.

Perhaps you already have motor insurance and just want to make sure that you are not over paying, go ahead, we will do our utmost to find you cheaper motor insurance and if we cannot, then it has not cost you a penny and you have peace of mind.