Insuring with Dial Direct offers you excellent premiums on anything from cars and boats to caravans and business insurance. Dial direct insurance has a revolutionary insurance policy management system which every Dial direct customer has access to 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Like many other Insurance companies, Dial direct offers an incentive “Bucks back bonus” should you not claim. Dial Direct Insurance has an online claim submission and tracking platform that makes claims processing and tracking a breeze, no longer is it necessary to pick up the phone to find out how your insurance claim is progressing, you will be able to see the entire claim process online.

Dial Directs Vehicle insurance options

Dial Direct InsuranceCar insurance
Comprehensive insurance
Motorcycle insurance
Off-road vehicle insurance
Third party insurance
Thrid party fire and theft
Caravan and trailer insurance
Boat Insurance
Jet ski insurance

Dial direct will also insure portable items like laptops, cameras, cellphones and glasses. In short Dial Direct insurance is a short term insurer that will take all of your short term insurance needs into one policy, provide you with revolutionary account management abilities and if you are in a position where you need to claim, Dial Direct offers you the ability to file your insurance claim and track it’s progress online.

Dial Direct insurance is one of a new breed of insurance companies that recognise the need for quality products and services at premiums that are affordable.

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