Extended car warranty is insurance for your vehicle which will cover mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Complete The Insurance quote rest form and we will get you the cheapest Extended warranty >>extended car warranty

Extended car warranty insurance can be provided by the manufacturer, dealership or independent company.  It is also referred to as mechanical breakdown insurance or service contract.  The benefits include assurance that you will be covered in the case of engine failure or wear and tear to the vehicle.  You have a higher chance of reselling your vehicle as extended car warranty insurance is transferrable to the new owner.

You can save a lot of money in the long term if you use extended warranty car insurance.  Vehicle parts and car services are expensive.   Mechanical breakdown and wear and tear coverage are considered full coverage.   Bumper to bumper coverage is expensive but it offers extensive coverage.

Be realistic about what extended car warranty insurance does not cover.  For example shock absorbers, brake pads, windshield wipers, air bags, batteries, exhaust systems, upholstery, paint, light bulbs, sealed beams and glass.

You should only trust independent companies that can provide you with the coverage you require for your vehicle.  Extended car insurance warranties can be extended with your current manufacturer of the vehicle.  Dealerships may over charge you and not provide you with sufficient cover.

You should opt for extended warranty car insurance when you have purchased a new car and you intend to keep it after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  You should consider extended auto warranty if you have purchased a used vehicle with an expired warranty.  Take out extended car warranty insurance if you want to increase the resale value.

Points to consider before you purchase extended auto warranty insurance are to gather several quotes.  Ensure to read the contract carefully to see what is covered. Avoid cheap rates as they are less likely to provide you with extensive coverage.  Use recommended independent dealers by the Better Business Bureau.

You should research various companies before you purchase extended warranty car insurance.  Some independent insurance providers do offer comprehensive coverage at good prices.  You should however ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions.  You can find extended warranty car insurance online and compare quotes.

Wear and tear, mechanical and electrical breakdown on a vehicle is costly therefore it is a good idea to purchase extended car warranty insurance from a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider.