It is such an exciting time for car owners with the car insurance market having so many highly competitive offerings since the car insurance companies have taken to accepting applications for car insurance over the internet. By electing to use the internet to procure competitive car insurance quotes, you are effectively causing the car insurance companies to compete against each other for your car insurance premium.

What the car insurance companies companies have effectively done is to use new technology to reduce their costs allowing them to become more competitive and of course you, the car insurance consumer are the winner all the way. The best part about using online car insurance quotes is that you get to pit all of South Africa’s car insurance companies against each other by submitting a single form.

For example, if you submit this car insurance quote request, you will get nine different car insurance quotes to compare in no time at all. That is nine so far and you have only spent five minutes submitting the application request. Now, if you want to take it a step further and have more than nine cheap car insurance quotes you can also spend another 5 minutes and submit this request for cheap car insurance quotes from Dial Direct to get more cheap car insurance quotes to compare.

The most fantastic thing about using the internet to cheap car insurance quotes is that the entire process from submitting your application for cheap car insurance to receiving the quotes and comparing the insurance quotes to the final selection of the cheapest car insurance or deciding not to accept any of the car insurance is all done online and there is absolutely no contact from the insurance companies by phone unless you invite it.

This is a revolutionary method of finding the cheapest car insurance and the simplest, least intrusive way to compare cheap car insurance. No more over eager call center agents offering you cheap car insurance over the phone, no pressure to accept a car insurance quote through a recorded call or constant reminders that by accepting a car insurance quote over the phone, you are legally binding yourself to the company.

With online cheap car insurance quotes you have the time to look through the terms and conditions of each insurance quote, weigh up the pro’s and cons and make your selection on your own. If, of course you have any question for the insurance company they are always ready to answer and will be sure to make the best possible effort to secure your business.