car insurance calculatorTo calculate the Insurance that you will need to pay for your car there are a number of variables that need to be taken into account and where an online Car Insurance calculator will give you a fair idea of the Car Insurance premium you are likely to pay, it is far better to spend just a few seconds to complete the car insurance quote request form and have one of our agents calculate the cost of Insurance for your car.

The important thing to remember when using a car insurance calculator is that the following variables and choices by yourself need to be made in order to give an accurate calculation of the premium. Each of these variables can make a significant difference to the cost and a combination of choices can make a very significant difference to the car insurance calculation.

1. Number of years you have had your drivers license

2. Place you car is parked over night and the security systems, eg guards, locked garage, controlled area etc make a big difference

3. Place your car is parked during the day

4. Mileage you do on average.

5. Past claims history

6. Excess amount and any voluntary excess

7. Car hire in the event of an accident/loss

8. All risk insurance for items such as your bag, wallet, computer etc in the car

9. Whether or not you include a portion of household Insurance as a second policy (makes a huge difference)

As you can see a car insurance calculator used online would be a complex form with many variables that effect the premium and the training that goes into teaching the agents to calculate the cheapest car insurance premiums is very extensive.

Let one of our experienced car insurance agents spend a few minutes calculating the best car insurance premium for you and at the same time use the car insurance calculators from the 9 top car insurance companies to not only calculate you a cheaper premium, but to find you the best car insurance from these companies.