Legal fees can be crippling if you are not a wealthy individual. We live in a society who are all too quick to litigate and you need legal protection that will not break the bank.

To give you an example, a lawyer charges anything from R1500/hour at the lowest end of the scale and well, the sky is the limit at the upper end of the scale.

If you have a high court matter, you will need to use an Advocate, who incidentally cannot work directly with you but need to be appointed by an attorney, so in high court matters you need a lawyer at a minnimum of R1500/hour and an Advocate that charge between R20 000 and R50 000/day.

The important thing to note about legal fees charged by Advocates is that if your attorney reserves the services of an Advocate for a particular day in court, the full day is charged whether he appears for 10 minutes or 8 hours.

It is very easy to see how legal fees can quickly mount up to excessive amounts of money.

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Don’t be left standing and bullied by anyone who has the resources to spend you out of court (This is a well used legal tactic where companies or wealthy individuals keep you going in and out of court until claims are abandoned due to lack of funds)

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In a litigous society that we live in, having good legal advice is essential and by using legal fee insurance you are protected against the giants of industry who may choose to make your life difficult.