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    At Insurance cheap SA, we are here to make your life simple. Calling around for Car/Life or health insurance can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Let us do the legwork for you, correlate all of the different quotes and present you with the best value quotes from the different insurance companies.


    Whether it is car insurance, life insurance (including HIV positive life insurance) or medical insurance like hospital plans, at Insurance cheap SA, we get it done right, first time. Let us help you find the best value insurance with the most cover available in the market today.

    Car Insurance

    You have heard the adverts from outsurance, Hippo and many other car Insurance companies or comparison insurnace services, about how they will save you money on your car insurance or give you money if they cannot beat your insurance. This may well be true to get you as a paying customer but like most things in life, “there is no such thing a s free meal” 

    All insurance relies on numbers to make it work and be profitable. Those that don’t claim, fund those that do claim and with large numbers of people across a broad spectrum of people, places and LSM’s, Insurance companies work and are extremely profitable. They have these highly qualified and in many cases gifted actuaries who crunch numbers on how many people in different age groups are needed, different sexes,  different geographical regions and a host of other criteria. These criteria are well established in the insurance industry and a risk is associated with each one. 

    For example, a 22 year old male who has had his license for 1 year and lives in central durban, will have a much higher risk profile than a 50 year old woman who lives in Sandton. They will both pay different car insurance premiums but the younger mans loading will be more than the womans. 

    Life Insurance

    The Life Insurance business is really no different to the car insurance business, they rely on large numbers of people to pay premiums and load their premiums according to the various risk associated with you dying before a certain “expeted” age of death. Couple this with the age that most people stop paying for Life Insurance and as long as you do not die unexpectedly, the insurance company is making some seriopus cash out of you not dying.

    Having said that, Insurance is just that, it insures that your loved ones are looked after should you die, become disabled or are unable to work unexpectedly. Couple all of these risk factors together and throw in Insurance for HIV positive people and you have a lot of risk factors for the actuaries to work with.

    Health Insurance

    There are a number of different health insurance products out there which include medical aid, hospital plans, top up cover and everything in between. Many people who have a medical aid, also have a hospital plan or topup cover which would cover the amounts not covered by the medical aid.

    These are quite complex products and often require motivation letters from doctors or surgeons to pay out. For example, a patient may have a fall and cut her face terrible. The doctors would recommend a plastic surgeon on the basis of the effect it would have not only on her physical health in the future, but on her mental health.

    Talk to an expert fro Insurance cheap SA to find out what the best options are for you and your family.

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    Cheap Car Insurance

    It is essential to have car insurance in a country where less than 50% of the cars on the road are insured. Imagine your expensive car is rammed into by a student in a beetle that is not insured and you are not insured. That puts yopu and your family at risk.

    • Don’t be a statistice, get insured
    • Get cheap 3rd party insurance or theft insurance
    • Cover yourself against a total loss

    insurance is necessary in everyones life in one form or another. if you are paying off a car, the finance agreement stipulates that you must have comprehensive insurance.

    if you are a young person with a family, you need life insurance and medical insurance. imagine that you are killed in an accident, what would happen to your family.